Deer Valley Ski Resort – One of the Best in the US

Posted on 10. Oct, 2015 by in Resort

Although Aspen resorts are among the best in the word, there is another which has been repeatedly voted among the best–the Deer Valley Ski Resort. It serves as a perfect vacation for anyone who is into skiing (powder skiing) or snowboarding and offers a great deal more than just natural scenic beauty.

Deer Valley was established back in 1981, and is famous not only for its wonderful ski slopes, but also for the stellar quality of customer service both on and off the slopes. They’ve often held the #1 spot for best ski resort by Ski Magazine.

Not only does this ski resort offer a beautifully picturesque surrounding, but it is also a great place for the family, for those who have just started out with skiing or those who are extremely good and experienced at it. You can also make your ski resort reservations online and you can often find special deals. There are an abundance of accommodations to choose from in the Park City area with something to suit every budget and individual need.

Deer Valley Ski Resort has some impressive features such as the 3000 ft vertical drop, 91 trails, 21 lifts and an elevation of almost 10,000 feet. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and winter wilderness, the resort is also a perfect place for a holiday to hold special events of any kind. Not just restricted to skiers, is a popular place to hold weddings, banquets and all sorts of other special functions.

Although Deer Valley is understandably less active during the summer months, it is still a terrific place for a family summer holiday. They have plenty of trails for mountain bike enthusiasts and hikers, as well as excellent views for those who simply enjoy nature’s beauty. A great advantage to going in the summer, aside from less tourists, is that the booking is a great deal cheaper at this time of year.

If Utah is a bit too far to travel, you may try looking at Aspen ski resorts to satisfy your ski vacation needs!

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