Building Your Own Custom Snowboards

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Any snowboarder knows how important good snowboards are for being able to do what he or she wants while on the slopes or while on a half pipe. Even though there are many different kinds of boards from which people can choose, the fact is that not everybody is satisfied by the choices that are available.

Because of this, some people decide to create their own boards instead. A person who is able to create a snowboard is able to customize it the exact way he or she wants. Although customizable boards are available, they are also typically very expensive. A person can save money by creating his or her own board.

Although having some previous woodworking skills is beneficial when making a snowboard, previous experience is not absolutely necessary. However, someone with no previous experience should be very careful to meticulously follow the design or else he or she may make a mistake that renders the creation useless.

A person hoping to create and customize his own board can do so by following the process outlined below. A first-time snowboard designer should expect to make a few mistakes. It may be wise to consider the first board as primarily a learning experience and focus on making the second board the one for actual use.

    Here are the basic steps used to design and create snowboards:

  • Outline the wood – Buy a 4-foot by 8-foot slab of wood that is approximately 6 inches thick. Outline on the wood the shape of the snowboard that is to be created. It is often easiest to outline an existing board and then make small modifications after this outline has been completed.
  • Cut it – Using a table saw, cut out the outline of the snowboard. It is important to follow the outline exactly. If there are a few jagged edges, this is ok. They will be cut down a little bit later. Try to keep the edges as smooth and as round as possible.
  • Sand it – For sanding a snowboard, it is best to buy an electric sander. Sanding one of these boards is a process that can take quite a bit of time. In order for the board to ride smoothly down a hill, it must be as smooth as possible.
  • Place the boots – Take the snowboard boots and place them on the snowboard shoulder width apart. Some people will put the boots on and stand on the board to get the best feel. However a person needs to make sure that his or her dominant leg is on the back of the board and not the front.
  • Screw in the boots – For best results, a person should screw about five screws in per boot. Screw through the middle part of the sole of the boot until it completely goes through the board. Screws should also be placed on the top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left of the boot.
  • Polish and paint – The only thing left to do is design the exterior of the snowboard by painting and polishing. Using a glossy waterproof paint will likely yield the best results in making attractive snowboards.

Of course, before creating a board, it would be wise to look up information on specific designs. Some examples of shapes include swallowtail, directional, alpine, and twintip. The most ideal snowboarding style will be a personal decision. This should be more deeply researched as it will affect such things as wood selection and size.

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