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Organizing children’s ski gear need not be difficult but if it is not done properly they may have a difficult time and end up miserable. As parents, we know that if the children are miserable they will make sure that we are too! Here are some hints that will ensure that the whole family has a great time.

Many family upsets that occur on snow holidays could have been avoided with a little forward planning for the children’s comfort. Getting appropriate kids ski gear need not be expensive. Ask friends if they have some that you can borrow, look for end of season bargains. Also, many retail and equipment outlets hire kids ski clothes. If you plan on buying your children’s ski clothes there are numerous reputable online stores that are a great source of good quality equipment, ski clothing and accessories at discounted prices.

If you just follow the following few tips the whole family will be guaranteed a fabulous fun filled time on your winter wonderland holiday

• Dress your children in layers that use fabrics that breathe.

• Ensure that their pants and jackets are warm, waterproof and windproof.

• Have good warm socks that are not too thick. It is a fallacy that thick ski socks keep your feet warmer. Make sure that they are long enough to be higher than the top of their ski boots or they can end up with chaffing and blisters.

• Have a spare pair of gloves. Children can’t resist playing in the snow and even the best ski gloves can get so cold and wet that they will take hours to dry out. If you have really young ones try attaching their gloves to the cuff of their ski jacket with some string or elastic so that they won’t get lost if they come off.

• Don’t forget a ski helmet. Apart from protection, it will keep their heads warm and, unlike hats, won’t come off.

• If you are hiring your ski gear try to get it the day before so that whole family has a chance to walk around in their ski boots for a while. It is better to discover any problems before you hit the slopes.

• Get good quality anti fog ski goggles. Adults don’t enjoy skiing if they can’t see and neither do children.

• Last but not least don’t forget the sunscreen.

A ski holiday is one of the most magical things that you can do with your family. Your choice of ski gear for both yourself and your children can make the difference between having a fabulous time or not.

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