Cheap Skis – 4 Tips to Have the Best Deal Online!

Posted on 15. Sep, 2010 by in Winter Sport

Although it has been an extended winter season the advantage of such peculiar weather is a prolonged ski season. To find a cheap ski trip these days is easier because of the Internet. There are dozens of websites that detail promotions and discounted package rates for ski weekends that are just too tempting to miss out. The Internet has made finding a cheap ski trip weekend accessible.

Ten years ago, trying to find an inexpensive ski package was akin to like finding a needle in a hay stack. Having or finding a network of ski operators would be the best way to go about it as they were in the loop on which ski resorts were giving great packages. Then, you would have to pay a deposit to confirm your reservation through a wire or bank transfer. If you were just learning how to ski and did not have any connection or contacts with such a skiing group, more often than not, you had to just take the available packages that were listed on newspapers and magazines. Those rates offered little discounts if ever.

Now, things are so different. Go online and search for cheap ski trips at any search engines and presto, a list of possible websites offering great deals pops up at your computer screen. Some of these listings even include airport transfers and plane fare rates in their packages.

Here are some tips to consider when purchasing a cheap ski trip deal:

1. As for opinions about some of the places you are interested in. Go to a skiing blog site and ask around which areas are good to ski in and which offer great value. There will be a lot of people who may respond to your question and don’t be afraid to follow it up with an email or another query.

2. If traveling by air, ask for the travel time and if there are any transfers or stops. This makes a big difference if you are carrying ski equipment and have to load and unload at different airports.

3. If you are looking at a weekend trip, then perhaps it is easier to rent the ski equipment on site. Avoid the hassle of bringing too much sports gear if you are just skiing for two days. Rent it there.

4. Email the resort you have chosen and try to get a contact and a name of one of the workers there. By getting personal and friendly with the staff, there may be more freebies in store for you there.

Finally, some useful information on how to find a cheap ski trip. Check out the offers and get ready to hit the slopes with cheap ski packages! Imagine how much fun is waiting for you and your friends on your next vacation when you play in the snow!


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